Monday, September 15, 2014

Spencer Sutherland Announces "Female Friday Cover Series"

>> Last week, singer / songwriter Spencer Sutherland announced his fun new campaign:  his "Female Friday Cover Series.” This “Female Friday Cover Series” campaign allows fan to vote on which popular song they want Spencer to cover each week. You can cast your vote by posting a hashtag with Spencer and the name of the song on social media - so for example, you'd post #SpencerBreakFree if you wanted him to cover "Break Free" by Ariana Grande. On Friday of each week, Spencer will post the winning cover video. This week's options can be seen below! Get your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram pics in by this Wednesday at 11:59pm.  Remember, one lucky voter gets a shout out from Spencer!

>> The first winning song was “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, and you can watch the video of Spencer's cover below.

>> Bonus Round: Check out Spencer's latest single, "Heartstrings," if you haven't already! Click here to watch the lyric video.

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