Friday, September 11, 2015

Watch N3bula Travel Through Time in the Intergalactic "Deep Space" Video

>> Here's an out of this world video to kick start your weekend! N3bula, an incredibly talented Norwegian artist and producer, just released a music video for his song "Deep Space." In the clip, we see N3bula traveling through time and space in order to defeat the evil Zonar and his world destroying Death Vector - all in a spacesuit he made himself! Starting in 2309, N3bula must track down the chromosphere in order to travel back to 2015 - a time before Zonar's destruction becomes irreversible.  This is only part one of this intergalactic journey, and this cinematic video is sure to get you invested in N3bula's upcoming concept project.

>> Stay tuned to see what comes next for N3bula, peacekeeper of the galaxies!


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