Tuesday, September 22, 2015

EP Review: 'When It All Goes To Hell' by The Press War

>> The Press War released a new EP, titled 'When It All Goes To Hell,' on September 11th, 2015. The pop-rock band originated in Boston, MA. They have been a part of many tours and have performed at many festivals including ICE 757 and Pinelands Music Festival. They’ve toured with many other bands including You, Me & Everyone We Know and The Spill Canvas. Through all of this, the group has grown and their sound has become more refined than ever.
"This album is a reflection of a really specific time in a my life where I was struggling to let go of someone that had lived in my consciousness for a great many years. I hope that if you're listening, you can identify with it, and that it helps give you a moment away from any stress or negativity in your life.
- Anthony Rainville, vocals / guitar 

 >> Their new EP is a combination of pop, rock, and alternative showing just how versatile this band can be. Starting on a relatively calm note, “Vaspertine” offers a soft opening that is different than what The Press War has produced before. The EP picks up the pace with a music video of “I’m So Bored With Us”  appropriately followed by “Follow Me” which continues with a quicker paced pop-rock tempo. “Lost Boys” highlights The Press War’s alternative rock side with a smoother yet equally enticing sound. The EP is wrapped up with “Kill Your (indie) Darlings” that is a clear compilation of their songs and most importantly their style.

>> As for what's next, Rainville states "After this EP, we're gonna be working hard on our next album, which we hope will be out a lot sooner than later!" For now, be sure to listen to 'When It All Goes To Hell' and stay tuned for more updates from The Press War!

- Written by Jody Seidel


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