Monday, December 28, 2015

A Side Note from Jaeger Wells

>> Happy Holidays, everyone! This time of year comes with reflection, resolution, and of course relaxation.  It seems like the perfect time to launch a new feature where artists get to discuss what's on their mind, so allow me to introduce you to Side Note. Houston-based singer / songwriter Jaeger Wells is kicking off this feature for us, and after touring to support his Fever Dream Anthology EP, he has a lot of great thoughts to share.

I am currently sitting in my apartment with the lights off, staring at the lights on the house across the street from me. It is a couple days before Christmas and I have been back from tour for about a week now. While most people really look forward to this time of year to see their families and loved ones, I have always found myself more excited about the impending new year. It is pretty incredible how fast 2015 has flown; as it seems just like yesterday I was sitting in my old apartment wondering if the year would beat back the things I’d like to forget from 2014. Over the last decade, I have tried to fully embrace the eery magic that the start of a new calendar year entails - where you almost feel like a snake shedding its skin (technically still the same, yet vastly different). It can be tough, and most people try to plan out what they want to accomplish with resolutions. Resolutions always have the best intentions but most of the time never turn into action. Personally they seem pretty constrictive - with all your focus being on those one or two things you resolve to do. Every new year provides not only another year of experience being a human on this world, but another year of unknown experiences and memories to be made. 

To all the readers of The Music Obsession - I challenge you to think of 2016 as a clean slate; where there is so much newness around that you want to take it all in. I want you to close your eyes and dive head first into the unknown of what 2016 will bring you. Don’t limit yourself to resolutions; because the things you experience and the choices you make from those will shape you into the person you will be over the year. I started 2015 with that mentality and it has helped me to have some of the best experiences in my life. So, in conclusion - I hope you take a deep breath embrace the newness of 2016 with arms wide open.    - Jaeger Wells

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