Friday, January 8, 2016

The Rocket Summer To Release 'Zoetic' in February

>> The Rocket Summer is officially back in action! Musical mastermind Bryce Avary has been quiet on the album front for quite some time, with the exception of a stunning live album released in 2014. His brand new album, titled Zoetic, is set for release through Aviate Records on February 26, 2016. "The word 'zoetic' is defined as 'of or relating to life. Living, vital, alive'... which to me is how this album sounds and feels," Avary explains, and that's not the only reason this album is so intriguing.

>> Avary is best known for the classic jams off his debut album, Calendar Days, and 2007's Do You Feel, but this artist is looking to create without simply following previous formulas. "There wasn't any kind of deliberate attempt to make something that would be this different from my past records," Avary states. "I just knew that I wanted to tear down any barriers, including the subconscious ones, and make a record that had no rules. So I just followed the songs that were coming out of me and made sure there were no boundaries in the process of arranging and recording them. That approach allowed me the freedom to push myself to make sure everything that was being recorded would be something new and unique."

>> Zoetic is currently available for pre-order, and opting-in now comes with an immediate download of the project's first single, "Same Air." There's also a tour in the works to celebrate the release, so stay tuned for those details! For now, check out the album's artwork and track listing below.

Zoetic Track Listing:

01)  Cold War
02)  Same Air (*watch the video here!)
03)  UNI
04)  Help Me Out
05)  Get Over It
06)  White Fireworks
07)  You Are, You Are
08)  FL, CA
09)  Rule of Thirds Kind of Life
10)  Sharks
11)  Emergency Landing


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