Monday, January 25, 2016

Rare Futures (formerly Happy Body Slow Brain) Announce New Album

>> Let's open with a brief timeline, shall we? After being a member of Taking Back Sunday for the band's New Again album cycle, Matt Fazzi left (for one reason or another) and went on to pursue numerous other projects. While he played with Atlas Genius, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, NK, and others, his own project always had his heart. That project was Happy Body Slow Brain, and their 2010 album Dreams of Water went over swimmingly (pun intended). HBSB teased a follow-up album for over a year without an official release date in sight. Then, last month, fans were surprised with an announcement. Going forward, HBSB would be known as Rare Futures, and today we discovered that the mysterious and highly anticipated album will finally see the light of day.

>> Rare Futures will release their new album, titled This Is Your Brain On Love, on March 4th, 2016. The album features fellow TBS alum Matt Rubano who plays bass on a handful of tracks as well as guest vocals from Gavin Castleton. The band just unveiled a fresh teaser video for the album as well as the lead single, "The Pressure." Pre-orders are available now via and each option includes the enchanting single as an instant download. Watch the teaser, stream the song, and stay tuned for more.

This Is Your Brain On Love Track listing:
1. ////ove
2. Reminding Me To Live
3. Ride The Snake
4. Mercury [And Opposite Planets]
5. The Pressure
6. Cool My Mind | Reverie
7. Worst Thing I've Ever Done
8. This Is Your Future [Lost In A Black Hole]
9. Your Past
10. Hope [Feat. Gavin Castleton]
11. You're An Island
12. Standing On The Precipice
13. Not Giving Up Yet

- Kate Russell

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