Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seen It Live: Honda Civic Tour '07

I guess before I should start with the updates, I should probably mention who I've seen live, & who among them are worth seeing.

>>On 6/5/07, I went to the Honda Civic Tour at the Nikon Jones Beach Theater & saw Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., +44, Cobra Starship, and Paul Wall.

>>Cobra Starship performed first, and at the time I wasn't really familiar with their music. Halfway during their first song I realized how amazing they were, so I bought their CD & fell in love! :] They're amazing, live & in studio. Their first CD When The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets & their most recent Viva La Cobra are both very, very good: definitely worth the purchase.

>>Paul Wall
, the "odd man out" genre-wise, was impressive. He had a good stage presence. His CD Get Money, Stay True was great, escecially for all those rap fans out there. He is one of my favorite rappers, large in part because I really enjoyed his live performance.

>>The Academy Is...
was also incredible. I love their CD Almost Here. I haven't been able to get my hands on their newer one yet.

, including Mark & Travis of Blink-182, was one of my favorite bands to begin with. Seeing them live made me love them even more. They played some of my favorites, like "When Your Heart Stops Beating" & "Make You Smile". They really got the crowd into the performance. There was a lot of energy.

>>Fall Out Boy
was the last to play because they were headlining the tour. I'd heard beforehand that they were horrible live, so I was pleasantly surprised when they started playing because they were amazing. They had lots of lighting effects & stunts, thanks to Pete Wentz. At one point, he threw his instrument into the water surrounding the stage, and later had someone get it & gave it to a fan. As the concert ended, Pete jumped off the stage into the water where his bass had just been retrieved.

>>Overall all of the performances were amazing, and I suggest you look up these bands if you're into alternative, pop-punk, or rap (Paul Wall would be the exclusive rapper here).

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