Friday, November 7, 2008

What I'm Listening To #4

LOVE <3!
  1. "Dawn of the Dead" - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
  2. "Do You Feel" - The Rocket Summer <3!*>
  3. "Lost Lust, But Living" - Scenes and Sirens [with BRIAN from Stereo Skyline!]
  4. "Drop the Girl" - Hit The Lights
  5. "Broken Heart" - Motion City Soundtrack
  6. "Digging Deep" - The Melismatics
  7. "Best of Me" - Morningwood
  8. "Don't Trust Me" - 3oh!3 <3!
  9. "Coming Back to the World" - Phone Calls From Home
  10. "Just Let Go" - Mae"

BONUS: "I'll Make The Moves" - Scenes and Sirens
EPIC BONUS: "The Space Between" - Valencia <3!

Check the "Songs Worth Listening To". I seriously just added a million. Well, maybe not a million. But I added a lot. WITH LINKS! To YouTube! Because I'm that great :D

*Also, make sure to listen to "So Much Love" by The Rocket Summer. It's amazing. Here, I've posted the video for you:

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