Monday, November 17, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Houston Calls

>>Remember way back in the early days of this site, when I mentioned a CD I got at Bamboozle? Well, one of the bands on that CD is Houston Calls, who I've been listening to all day. I realized that I'd only really mentioned the song "Bob & Bonnie." I just looked back on that post [ from June 16th, mind you ] & that was all I said. Well, they have a bunch of other songs that are just as amazing and worth mentioning. The ones on their MySpace are "Life Won't Wait", "Modest Manifesto", "Elephant and Castle", and "Exit Emergency." They're all really great songs. Normally, vocals like these might bother me a bit, but that doesn't apply here. Every component of the songs flow so well that it makes you want to listen. Seriously, I was flipping through songs on my iPod earlier today, and "Elephant and Castle" started to play. I was about to change to "So Much Love" [ The Rocket Summer ] like I had initially planned, but I couldn't turn that song off. Either I've been brainwashed into feeling a need to listen to Houston Calls, or they're just really great. Personally, I vote choice two. So go look them up, and enjoy the wonderful music.

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