Saturday, November 22, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Hey Monday

>>I listed three songs by Hey Monday on that playlist from a few days ago, but I never actually said anything other than how I'm SEEING THEM LIVE ON DECEMBER 18! .. and clearly, I can't wait. The band has the songs "Homecoming" [their most popular as of now; the video is at the bottom of the post], "How You Love Me Now", "Candles", & "Run, Don't Walk" on their MySpace. Personally, my favorite songs by them are "Arizona" & "Josey", which I wish they'd upload! I'm also loving "Hurricane Streets", "Obvious", "Set Off", & "6 Months". They're all amazing. You know how when you hear a really really good band or song, and you get chills? I got that when I heard this band for the first time, no joke. So far, whenever that's happened, the band I was hearing has gotten really big. [ A ROCKET TO THE MOON will get there, too! I KNOW IT! ] Examples of this are All Time Low, Good Charlotte, The Used, Panic! At the Disco, etc. Let's just say I'm usually 'that guy' who knows bands that nobody else has heard of, then everybody ends up being obsessed with them like 2 years later. I acknowledge that I found Hey Monday quite recently when this guy Johnny sent me their link in a message on MySpace, along with other bands he thought I'd like. [To be honest, I haven't checked out the other ones yet, but here they are: Close To Home, The Rival Year, & Nicholi.] But still, anyone I mentioned the band to hadn't heard of them. No worries; I'm working on converting everyone to HeyMonday-ism, like I have for ARocketToTheMoon-ism ;] Apparently, Hey Monday is being compared to Paramore. Personally, I can see it to a certain extent: the female front-person with a band of guys; the insane vocals. I would take it as a compliment. There are people who are freaking out about it though, which I can't really understand. I mean, if the band has a problem, they'll make it known. Otherwise, what's the problem? I'm curious to see what people think about the comparison, though. So listen to Hey Monday & tell me what you think about their music, their relation to Paramore, or preferably both.

Hey Monday "Homecoming"

>>As I mention Paramore, I find an ad for this video [below] on MySpace. So I had to watch it. You should too. Because Paramore + Twilight = LOVE

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