Tuesday, February 17, 2009

News, News, News: Twitter, Rocket, & Bamboozle

>> Twitter is my new obsession. I thought it was bad when I got a Facebook, but nooo. I don't think I've gone more than an hour or two without checking fer updates. I added a handy "Follow Me On Twitter" function to my site, it's right under the "About Me" crap. Also, I found the Twitteriffic app for my iPod Touch, so now I'm basically just feeding my addiction. It's kind of sickening. Wanna follow me? Go for it.

>> CLICK, Read, LOVEEEEEEE. A Rocket To The Moon is coming out with a FULL LENGTH ALBUM ?! I can't wait. No, really.. I wish I could see them on the AP Tour, but the date closest to me is on a Tuesday. Like that's gonna work out.. no fairr. The AP Tour features Rocket, 3OH!3, Hit The Lights, The Maine, and Family Force 5. AP stands for Alternative Press, my FAVORITEEEE magazine. The next issue, coming out March 3, has 4 covers. The ones featuring 3OH!3, The Maine, and Family Forcce 5 will be available in stores, while the fourth featuring the singers from all of the bands is exclusively available to subscribers. SCOREEEEE. Concerning the tour, I reeeaaaaallyy want to go; It looks epic. At least I've got Bamboozle.

>>Speaking of, that picture I posted about a week ago was the latest update on the Bamboozle site. It split the bands! In normal person language, this means that rather than just listing which bands are playing, they're being listed based on which of the two dates they're playing. For example, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, among many others, are playing on the Saturday date (May 2nd) and are therefore listed on the left side of the picture. No Doubt, The Used, and Taking Back Sunday are playing the Sunday date (May 3rd) and are on the right side. Everyone probably got that the first time, I don't think you're retarted, I just don't think people understand me when I speak sometimes. My bad? Check their site, I'm so freakin pumpeddddd.

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