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Album Review: "New Blood Old Soul EP" by Endoxi

Good thing I'm writing this about a month later than I said I would.

>>Endoxi, a band I've briefly written about before, released their New Blood Old Soul EP in October of '08, but I just managed to get my hands on it last week. From the first time I heard the band, I loved their sound. They're unique as a band, but each song is a bit different from the previous one, making it very easy to listen to them for hours without getting bored. Looking back at what I wrote about them before, I realized that not only did I not acknowledge how their songs have a saxophone because they have a sax player in the band, but I just made a brief comment on 3 of the songs. Not very thorough, I must admit. Honestly, looking at the stuff I wrote a while back I'm realizing that I should add more details, about the band, the songs, anything that relates. I suppose I'll start here, going through each track from the EP in order; The band definitely deserves more recognition than simply, "I could see myself listening to this song at the beach." Way to go, Kate.. Let's see how this goes.

>Track One: "I've Come A Long Way"
I honestly can't help but bob my head like an idiot whenever this comes on. The song has a really fun, almost ska vibe to it [See Less Than Jake]. It's pretty mellow, but not in a "puts-you-to-sleep" sort of way. On the contrary, the saxophone in the song seemingly adds a burst of energy every time Joe (Cardillo; the sax player) hits a note. I'm seriously in love with the vocals on this track, something about it makes me happy. I think it's a great kick-start to the EP; It makes you really want to hear the other tracks. Lyrically, it makes me wish I could write like this:
"And it's all for the beautiful panic, It's all for the heart and soul of it. High ceiling's hovering over me always, And if it's all I had, I'd end up dead, for that Old time Rock n' Roll, To feel that fever around me and what is cold, So tell me those long, hard days will be gone."

>Track Two: "Whiskey On The Wound"
This song might tone down the energy a bit, but it definitely isn't lacking in quality. This is a song for a day when you don't really know what kind of mood you're in. It's chill, and quite enjoyable. It might not be as energetic as some of the other songs, but that's what makes this track stand out. The lyrics really hit me, too. Here's a look:
"Can't take more of the same old tailspin. Descending into the grind. So I fled for ventura, the worst was over; That's where she waited for me.. The color, the sights, Got one good hold of me. Just enough to make it easier, One time feel of ease. I'll leave it all behind, Like whiskey on the wound."
Just putting it out there, I listened to this song for almost an hour straight on repeat yesterday. It's a track that lets you do that without getting absolutely sick of it, like oh-so many of the songs on the radio.. Then again, I think you could say that about every Endoxi song.

>Track Three: "I'm Bipolar"
This might just be my favorite track from the EP. It's somewhat relaxed like the second song, but with the same energizing qualities of the first. The lyrics in this song are probably tied for my favorite with the last track from the EP, "Still (Better Days)."
So I'm undecided, do I live or die? But I still try hard, hard as hell. Breathe in water, diving deeper. Aint my life, I aint the weaker one, But I've come undone.
I feel as though, in a way, that describes my life. It's really relate-able, for me at least. It's a song that will always be a classic in my mind, joining the ranks of older songs by The Used, Taking Back Sunday, The Academy Is..., and many more. It's just one of those songs you want to hear; It complements the feeling of being overwhelmed lyrically, and helps you escape it all melodically. I don't think I can say much more about it than that, otherwise I'll just be going on & on about how much I love it.

>Track Four: "Turn The Other Cheek"
The intro to this song made me think it was going to be a heavy song, and compared to the other tracks I guess it is. It's different from any other song, and I love how it stands out. It trades in that upbeat, 'let's just have a good time' vibe for a more intense tone, more serious than the others. The sax in this song might be my favorite, the solo is to die for. It's definitely still got the energy consistent with any song by Endoxi. The beginning probably has my favorite lyrics:
I'll be the winter of your soul, That follows you when you are cold. I'll be the "ice" you feel tonight, And then that sun comes beating in. It takes control and never ends, I'll be the "fire" you feel tonight.

>Track Five: "Still (Better Days)"
This song is tied with "I'm Bipolar" for my favorite song, and for having my favorite lyrics. This one is quite chill, and something about the vocals just shows the most genuine emotion that clearly went into writing this song. And again, epic score with the sax, but I think the guitar's my favorite part aside from the vocals. The band just knows how to put songs together that make you want to listen to them over and over. This is a song I can really relate to, and I love that feeling. My favorite part of, and almost the majority of, the lyrics:
I've seen better days, I've seen a shocking transformation, so pardon me for this. I've watched this betting game become a lifestyle for you lately. Now you're waist deep in muddy waters. I've been here all along, you held my hand I sang my song, We were like puzzle pieces, fit but missed the emphasis on true life.
I can remember when we used to talk for hours, About nothing special and then suddenly the world was ours. Never so high as when you're getting back what your giving away, And I know you're thinking of me, still.
This is just an epic song, I really can't say any more than that.

>>Overall, I think Endoxi has hit a major home run with their New Blood Old Soul EP. It's one of those records you can just listen to for hours and not get sick of it. Each song is different from the last, but they all share the energy and passion that went into writing & performing them. I hope to see the band live someday, because something tells me it would be an epic show.

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