Saturday, February 21, 2009

Name Dropping 101 ; Mae

This is the Mae Widget.

Each month, Mae is coming out with a new song. In order to get each month's song download, you're required to donate at least one dollar. Your donation goes to Rhonda's House. Check the description by clicking 'About This Charity' on the widget. You can get more information by visiting Mae's website, which you can find HERE. That's where I got the widget, feel free to post it anywhere & everywhere. While you're on their site, check the calendar. Where are they playing tomorrow night? THE CRAZY DONKEY, perhaps?! Yeah. I'm stoked. Also, be sure to look into their older songs, my favorites being "Somewhere", "Just Let Go", "Ready and Waiting to Fall", and of course, "The Everglow". Those and more are on iTunes, but more importantly, check their website for updates & be sure to make a donation. If helping people in need isn't enough of a motivation, think about the amazing music you'll get in the process as well. 

>>Stay tuned for my review of the New Blood Old Soul EP by Endoxi!

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