Friday, March 6, 2009

Name Dropping 101 ; Part 18

I'm going through friend requests again.
Here are some of the ones I accepted:

  1. In Full Bloom
  2. Fireworks
  3. Blake Aaron Guthrie
  4. We Shoot The Moon (Found Via Twitter!)
  5. Monument, Monument (Click here to download their CD for free!)
  6. Van Atta High 
  7. Friday Night Fever
  8. Around The World and Back
  9. Missing Karma (I was talking to John a few days ago. They're pretty chill.)
  10. Second Chances
  11. Austin Gibbs
  12. Hotspur
  13. Score 24!
  14. Running With Giants
  15. Never*Mind
  16. This Condition 
  17. Life Between Sleep
BONUS: Making April
I found them via Pandora Radio, and when I mentioned that, Greg said he's a fellow Pandora addict. Small world. Their new CD came out March 3rd, go Get yourself a copy! I'll be getting mine as soon as I can, I'm actually kind of mad I haven't gotten it yet. I got it on Sunday, and I'm OBSESSED with it. It's amazing. My favorite tracks are "So Bad" & "Hey Katie". Go get your own!

>Also, A Day To Remember's new record, Homesick, is AMAZING. The band is the perfect blend of my beloved pop-punk and the hard-to master-hardcore genres. I'm not a fan of screaming, as I've mentioned before, but when certain bands / songs have it, I love it. It doesn't really make sense, but ADTR seriously knows exactly what to do to make their music absolutely addictive. Anyone I've talked with about the record has said the same thing. I might say a lot of bands and such are amazing, but honestly, I got chills when I heard the opening track, and from then on. I doubt I'll stop listening to it for a while, seriously GO BUY THE RECORD. Hey thanks.

Last Updated: 3/20/09


TopDailyMonitor said...

thanks for the lists they are really cool. Myspace is a hero for music lovers.

Kate said...

I know, right? There are so many great bands out there, & I probably wouldn't have heard of them without them requesting me or by just coming across their page. It's a really good way to find stuff like that, and for them to start/build a fan base.

Matthew said...

omg in full bloom! they're the best NJ band evaaa