Saturday, April 4, 2009

Get Hyped: Bamboozle Left (Today & Tomorrow)

But I'm still focused on the Bamboozle Festival taking place in Jersey.. on May 2&3.

>>Not because I don't care about the West Coast, I'm just pumped to go when it hits my end of town. In honor of my obsession, I've just replaced the Fueled By Ramen playlist with one featuring some of the bands I'm really looking forward to seeing. Check it out, then again you should be hearing it when you open the page.. Apparently it takes forever to load? If someone knows another way for me to get a playlist on here, I'd prob love you forever if you could fill me in. Hey thanks.

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BurntCarbon said...

Sweet deal, guess we're co-workers of sorts. Nice to blog-a-ley meet you.