Friday, June 5, 2009

Name Dropping 101 ; Part 20

>>Congrats to The Bay State for winning the Glamour Kills theme song contest! I just listened to their winning song, titled "Hey Hey Glamour Kills", and it seriously just made my day. You honestly can't help but bob your head & smile like an idiot.. Trust me, I know ;] Check out their song, on their MySpace now!

>>Jac Vanek has a new bracelet collaboration with Push Play, and it's pretty badass considering.. It's blue & glow in the dark with the word Dreamer on it. Is it understandable or somewhat pathetic that I seriously need this in my life?

>>Scott Ludwig: Honestly, thank you for adding me on MySpace. Like you seriously cheered me up a bit. Especially the song "Nowhere Close", it's so adorable. *PS, no sarcasm intended

>>Ever dreamed of singing in a band? Do you live near Westbury (Long Island, NY)? Do you feel like joining a few guys in making an awesome pop-punk band?! If you answered yes to any, but preferably all of these, you're in luck! This band called Seasons On End consists of high school kids with a love & talent for music. Their image is pretty rad, then again you can pretty much sign me up fer anything with V-Necks & skinny jeans. Interested? You've got a few options:
  • AIM = ALLtimeERIC
  • E-Mail =
  • Call = 516 448 6868
Just make sure to mention that you got the information & such from this site so the guys know what's going on :D

>>Party In Your Bedroom (ACOUSTIC) - Cash Cash
>>This Providence posted a video for their new single, "Letdown"!



Anonymous said...

thank you so much!! -tom (the bay state)

Kate said...

no worries, you guys are amazing <3