Friday, June 19, 2009

Album Review: "Table 21" by Table 21

So I've been obsessed for a while.. Can you really blame me?

>>I wrote about Table 21 in January, but I have more to say & write about this time :D I managed to get my hands on the "Super Secret VIP Version" of their self-titled album currently on iTunes. It only has the first 5 songs from that album because technically it was the pre-release version, but it contains my three current favorites from the band, so no complaints here <3 It starts off with "Party In My Pants!", and let me just say that if yer having a bad day, this song is a great pick-me up. It's just so upbeat, and even with lyrical refrences to drugs & beer, you can't help but smile. (That sounds weird, but somehow they made it work.. no worries.) "Inspiration" is next. This one's kind of 'more to the point', it's got a stronger sound to it. I'm pretty sure "Crash And Fall" is one of the cutest songs I've ever heard. It's genuine acoustic perfection, and I could listen to it for hours. "Showeys And Goeys" = LOVE. This was the first song I heard by them, and by far the most addicting. According to the band, this one is everyone's favorite, and I can see why. It's got everything you want in a song, and the chorus is killer. So upbeat, so great. "Freeway" makes me want to go on a road trip, like right now. Check the video of them performing it live below. Man I should've been there.. oh well.

^"Freeway" LIVE at The Crazy Donkey.. when I should've been there :\
(PS, that guy with the dreads is totally my new best friend. CLAP IT UPPP)

>>Another reason to love these guys? This is what they listed under "Sounds Like" on their MySpace page:
Our style of music is the kind that makes you want to get up off your feet and dance.... Our challenge is to save all those emo kids by bringing them happy music... our positive messages, clever lyrics, and upbeat songs will leave you enjoying life... We have amazing chill songs... if you want to know who we would sound like then imagine jack johnson mixed with Jason mraz plus some Dave matthews band... yeah its that amazing.

Come see Table 21 LIVE Friday, June 26th at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville!
BONUS VIDEO: "Summertime"

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