Monday, June 8, 2009

A Lot Can Happen In A Year [6/08/08-6/08/09]

>>That's right! Today is The Music Obsession's one year anniversary, and I'm going all out. We've got our first giveaway, a new playlist, and more that you'll come to notice.

>>Let's start out by announcing today's theme: Since the first thing I did on this site was write about the Honda Civic Tour of 2007, my first concert featuring Cobra Starship, Paul Wall, The Academy Is..., +44, and Fall Out Boy. I still remember that show like it was yesterday, it was amazing. I loved it so much that I actually kept the tour poster saved on my computer :D Check it outtttttt.

>>I'll add a photo album to the Facebook page with pictures from that show, although I think I have less than 10. It's still something, so naturally I'll upload em :]

>>The new playlist on this site includes music by these artists, including the stuff they performed at that concert, their older music, and the newer songs.

>>The best part: THE GIVEAWAYYYYYY [*Probably not as awesome as I'm trying to make it seem.. ah well.] I've decided to give away.... A 4GB iPod NANO :D It's not the brand new model, or 100% new at all. BUT it's in amazing condition and has been used twice at most, including when I added the 100 or so songs to it for whoever gets it :) Comment this post with your email address, or e-mail me at saying you're interested in winning the iPod shown below. I'll pick one randomly either at the end of this week, this weekend, or sometime around there. So good luck !

>> So let's hope I can manage to keep this going for not only one year, but many more

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