Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Name Dropping 101 ; Part 21

  1. I've recently become addicted to Make It or Break It, that new gymnastics show on ABC Family.. don't judge me, it's really good. Anyway, in last week's episode, my favorite character, Razor, was revealed to be in a band. So they start playing AND IT'S AMAZING. Obviously that wasn't really the actors rocking out, although I wish I was. So I looked up the show through ABCfamily.com, and BOOM they have a music guide, showing every song they play in each episode. The song played during the episode? The Last Summer by The Forward. I think I'm in love, no joke. Check them out on MySpace + iTunes!
  2. Vegas Baby has posted the Miss Envy EP on their MySpace. It's pretty different than a lot of the stuff I've been hearing lately. Go check it out, and make sure to tell them how much you love it.
  3. The Maine's deluxe edition of Can't Stop Won't Stop came out today. Consisting of 15 songs (including a Def Leppard Cover!), 2 music videos, & 1 half hour documentary, this disc is amazing. Also, apparently there are some slashed prices on The Maine merchandise, via GoMerch. SCORE.
  4. I'm going to Warped on Saturday. So not only should you expect a kickass review of the bands I see that day, and pics&vids from different sets [probably to be uploaded to the Facebook page], but you can also get ready for pictures featuring me+the various amounts of bands I shall meet. Yeah, I'm pretty stoked. July 18th.
  5. Push Play's single Midnight Romeo is now available on iTunes. It's actually really good, go get it!

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