Monday, July 27, 2009

I Want Your Opinion: W A R P E D ! 0 9

I love typing it like that :D

>>I sent out a fan update (facebook), posted notes (fb) & MySpace bulletins galore, but I've only gotten 2 responses so far..
Read this, and be a part of my Warped Tour Review!

>So assuming some of you look at/read the site regularly, you'll know that when I do concert reviews it's usually just from my point of view, my opinion, etc. Well, I had an idea. Since the Vans Warped Tour is more than just a standard show, I figured I'd try something different- getting you guys involved! It's simple, really.

>If you attended Warped Tour on Saturday, July 18th in Uniondale NY & want to participate, all you have to do is write a response saying things like who you saw, if you met any bands, who was really good/bad, if you've been to warped before, how you like the atmosphere, just general stuff like that. You could write anywhere from a sentence to a paragraph, whatever you want to say! You can send it to me as a message on MySpace, post it to the Facebook page, send it as an email*, or you could post it on the wall for this page. What I'll do is take some of these responses and quote them in my post, and yes I can use specific names.. unless you'd prefer me not to. It's whatever works for you guys. Also, if you know anyone else who went that day, tell them about this response idea.

>For those of you who attended warped, but on another date, you can do the same thing, just specify which date you went to & where it was so I can compare experiences & such.

>I'd like to start my review soon, but send me your responses whenever you can; I'm in no rush :] Any other ideas you guys might have would be just super as well.

If this turns out well, I'll think about doing more like this in the future.
Thanksabunch guys :D

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*the facebook page

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