Thursday, September 3, 2009

Local Spotlight: Summers Last Wave

I love local bands :)

>>It all started with one of those "Sorry for being annoying, I just think you'll really like my band" emails, but even then I could tell Summers Last Wave was different. Turns out, that's what they pride themselves on, not being another one of those 'dime a dozen' bands that all sound the same. Well guys, mission accomplished :] I want to describe their sound as Pop-Rock, but I don't think that's accurate enough. They have a chill vibe without being boring, and their songs are upbeat without being super sweet. They make really great music with its own unique sound, and that's something to be proud of. The cartoon promo they made (below) shows just that. PS.. I legit have the same exact shirt as the character with the blue hair.. Glamour Kills babyy

>>Before I start talking about their demo, there's something I just have to mention. Last night the band was on Stickam, a live chat between a bunch of people by means of webcams and/or simply typing like if you were on AIM. They were broadcasting from their practice, but for a while they were just talking to fans & joking around. I literally made an account yesterday, even though I don't have a webcam just to join the conversation. Somehow they managed to annoy another band who was live at the same time, and only because one of SLW's fans posted their Stickam link in the other band's chat window. Good timesss. Something that would normally be pointless actually ended up being one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.. Let's just say Freddy's impression of Friday Night Fever is pretty much spot-on :D Even some of FNF's fans admitted that he was hilarious. To clarify- he was NOT trashing the other band, he said that they weren't bad, they just sound like a lot of other bands out there right now. Either way, everyone got a good laugh. So next time they go live on Stickam, you should definitely make the effort to watch :]

>>Now for the actual music portion. I have their demoOoOOooOo , and I love it :D
>"6th Attempt"starts out pretty mellow, but then they really grab your attention. One thing I really love about this band is the vocals. They're not perfect, they're not trying to be, but they have a naturally rugged appeal that makes you want to listen. The whoa's are pretty badass in "She Never Gets What She Wants", "Forever Never Ends" has a killer chorus (and title), "Reach In" is just so sweet from start to finish. The band really changes things up with "Parade Rest", this song makes you want to just get up and move. The beat is so catchy :]

>>I could say more about each song, but saying how they're all totally worth listening to would get kind of redundant. So I'll end with this: the guys in Summers Last Wave are truly fun-loving people, so why don't you go have fun loving their music? Get to it :]

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