Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interview: Tru Fam

>> I've been meaning to broaden the genres of music I write about, and what better way to do that than by talking to an artist like Tru Fam ? It's not just their pop spin on good hip-hop songs that sets them apart, but the fact that they're twin brothers making music together certainly helps them stand out as well. Read the interview, then listen to their music to see for yourselves how real and unique they are :)

Introduce yourselves.

We are a twin pop/Hip Hop group called Tru Fam from New Jersey. Our names are Young Sha and Just-I and we are guys who love music and it shows thru our own music and our performances.

Where are you from? What's the local music scene like there?

Tru Fam is from New Jersey. The music is usually Hard core Hip Hop but we are here to change that and show everyone that its more than the streets.

Who are some of your biggest influences, in music and in life?

Well God first and our Manager who is our mom had a lot to do with how we turned out…In music we were influenced by Kanye West ,Will I Am , Jay Z and any of the Pop Icons in today’s World.

How long have you been making music together?

Going on about five years …Now

What made you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Lol for us really just seeing Puff Daddy and Mase and the whole Bad Boy records, Got us..We loved the shiny suits ,the energy that they brought and how the made it look fun..People said we reminded them of those guys so once we realized we had some talent..The Rest was history..

What’s it like working with your brother? (What are some of the pros & cons?)

To me our pros is that we think alike and we are so innovative when we are together. Our vibe is so crazy together. We are so focused when we are together and to put it in a small phrase we are a perfect team who complement each other..A con is that if you arguing with him over the music your basically arguing with your brother..Not Good…Lol

For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe your sound?

If you haven’t heard our music be prepared for a Electronica /pop beat with some good Lyrics..The energy on the songs are incredible and you and your friends can enjoy the music..

What makes your music stand out?

Our music stands out because its simply Just who we are..You can tell its real and sincere..You can feel the vibe between the two of us and girls just love it..

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far as musicians?

Getting a distribution deal with Sony/RED..WAS HUGE..We are our own bosses so we feel great about that..Really ,Really good about that..

How has your affiliation with Sony/Red Records helped you?

We are able to get our music out there faster and just gain exposure and get way more shows…Anytime Sony is backing you up, your pretty good..

Do you have any shows coming up?

Always doing show but from now thru October we are on A Summer Festival tour in New Jersey..Actually it starts this Sunday in Maplewood N.J..

Best/favorite/craziest experience at a show?

Loved the Six Flags show..Just to see the crowd enjoying us and asking for auto graphs was crazy…The craziest show was actually recently and it was when a guy thought he was a superstar and lets just say the audience and I disagreed..I never saw a more funnier performance in my life..via TV ,INTERNET YOU NAME IT..LOL

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Too many to name..But Will- I-AM ,Justin Beiber ,Jay-z …..Jump out at me

What are some goals that you want to accomplish with your music in the future?

Just to be able to do more shows and show everyone our talent..Would to meet more ppl in the industry and learn from them..Possibly perform at the MTV Awards and grace the pages of some top Magazines..Also touring the world ..Would be great


Album(s)? Usher Confessions, Kanye West 808s and Heartbreaks, Lil Wayne Carter 3, and too many others to name


Paid in Full , Juice ,40 Year old Virgin, Step Brothers and America Gangsta

Video game?

Madden games and Nba 2k

Song to perform live?

That’s my Ish ..Really gets the crowd going..

Thanks for the interview. Just want everyone to know that we are thankful for the support and to promote us to your family and friends

Thanks again to Tru Fam :)

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