Sunday, January 30, 2011

Album Review: "I Know Who My Friends Are" by Christopher John

>> On February 26th, 2011, Christopher John will be releasing his first EP under his own name. Although this latest project is his way of making music on his own, Chris acknowledges every person that has ever supported him through the title (and title track) of the EP - I Know Who My Friends Are. Through this EP, Chris gets back to his acoustic roots and shows that this is the music he was born to make.

>> The EP starts off with "Optimistic." This track is sweet and upbeat, much like its name. It has a great pop sound with some characteristics of rock and roll thrown in as well. "Beautiful Day" begins with a strong guitar line, growing with the addition of a tambourine and drums until the vocals come in. This song is everything you could ask for in a solid pop rock song- It's catchy, and it has great energy behind it.

>> "I Know Who My Friends Are" builds off of the energy established in the previous track, and brings it to a completely different level. This will be the song that everyone remembers, and for good reason. Through this song, Chris succeeds in making every listener think about who their friends are, and shows how important they can be. "Case of the Mondays" is another song that virtually everyone can relate to. It refers to the phrase "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," and this is perfectly portrayed through the lyrics. The message is simple: don't drown yourself in work. Everyone needs to come up for air eventually, and what better time to do that than the weekend?

>> Chris saved the best for last with "Isn't It A Wonder." This song consists of some of the most adorable and genuine lyrics ever written by this artist. Starting out with a sweet combination of guitar and piano, this final track is bound to make anyone smile. It's full of honesty, passion, and soul.

>> Written with great energy and positive thoughts in mind, I Know Who My Friends Are is an EP that everyone can truly enjoy. Whether it's the relate-able lyrics or the catchy choruses that draw listeners in, each song has something worth hearing over and over. Be sure to download the EP on February 26th and dare to ask yourself, do you know who your friends are?

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