Thursday, January 27, 2011

Local Spotlight: Patent Pending

>> For those that haven't been properly introduced to the band, Patent Pending is a great pop-punk band from Long Island, NY. The band is made up of 5 members, and is surrounded by one of the biggest, most supportive families I've ever encountered. This 'family' consists of singer Joe Ragosta's brothers (also musicians), close friends of the band, and anyone who has ever come out to a show or bought a CD.

>> This band is very passionate about their music, but they never take themselves, or much else, too seriously. They recently released a video recommended for fans of mustaches, Burt Reynolds, Charles Barkley, sweet harmonies, & Saves The Day covers. Watch the second episode of "Joe & His Bros," featuring Joe Ragosta, his brother Robert, and Jon Biegen (singer of Love, Robot) below.

>> One thing the band does take seriously, however, is helping people. Since the beginning, Patent Pending has set out to help as many people as they can with their music. In the video below, Joe explains the story behind the song "One Less Heart To Break." He gets emotional while describing how important it is to hang in there even when things seem hopeless, but as the song states, "It's always darkest before the light." Watch the video, and know that everything said is 100% genuine.

>> Patent Pending was recently included in Less Than Jake's free tour sampler. This digital compilation includes music from Less Than Jake, Punchline, Transit, and many more. Click here to download this sampler for free.

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