Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free Music from Hostage Calm to Make A Change

>> Hostage Calm has teamed up with Alternative Press to support the ongoing nationwide battle over same-sex marriages. The two are setting their joint focus on the upcoming New York state vote to determine whether same sex partners can legally get married, and are offering Hostage Calm's full length album as a free download for anyone who submits the email below to the 3 New York senators that are still on the fence about the vote. Just go to, enter your name, email address, and click submit to send the pre-written letter and download the record. As soon as you click "Submit Form" your letter will go to the senators and you will immediately be given the link to download the Hostage Calm album.

The pre-written email that will be sent to the Senators:

Dear Senator,
As your constituent, I strongly urge you to pass the Marriage Equality Act. As a free person, protected under the Constitution of the United States, I want you to return to me my right to choose who I spend my life with and to support marriage equality in New York. The decision to marry is a private one for me to share with my future spouse, and not with my government. Same-sex couples deserve an equal opportunity to express love through marriage and to receive equal access to its "protections, responsibilities, rights, obligations, and benefits" (Section 1, Marriage Equality Act). What stands before you is both a question of fairness and a question of personal freedom. If we continue to subject ourselves to a legal system that punishes some marriages while rewarding others, who among us can say we are free? All we want is the same legal treatment of all marriages. That is not too much to ask.

The State of New York has long been a leader and an example to the rest of our nation that change and progress are possible. Our country, in its lifelong pursuit of a "more perfect union," will watch New York closely as we stand poised to make history. Our neighbors in Massachusetts and Connecticut who have taken this next step, as well as our neighbors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who are on path to join us, look to New York to offer it's support for marriage equality and to stand as an example across the United States. Upon passage of this bill, New York will shine as a beacon of hope across America and the world, proving that tolerance and equal protection under the law must prevail over the injustices we inherit.

We, the people of New York, frustrated with our government's inability to cooperate in these deeply divisive times, hope that you will see our place in history and join your fellow Senators in making the right choice. Vote in support of the Marriage Equality Act and cast a ballot for a better tomorrow.


Your Name

> Hostage Calm is also selling This Shirt to help the cause. $1 from each sale will go to the Equality Maryland charity that is working to get same sex marriage legalized in the state.

> Buying a shirt and submitting your email are two simple ways to make a very big impact on people nationwide. A few minutes of your time can help change countless lives all over America.

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