Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Finds: 12/6/13

>> Throughout the week, we at The Music Obsession get pitches for several excellent artists.  Due to prior commitments (work, school, the need for at least a little sleep every once in a while), it's hard to write about all of the music that comes our way.  Whether it's an up and coming act or a veteran in the scene who's putting out something new, we get it all, and we listen to as much as we can.  So for this Friday Finds feature, we will be highlighting some tracks we've come across during the week that we haven't been able to write about in full.  Expect new songs and the occasional "oh man remember THIS song? I totally just remembered this existed!"

> W.C. Lindsay - "Hard Youth, Hardly You" and Tree EP
In the mood for something dancey, punk, rock, electronic, smooth, and addictive all at once?  W.C. Lindsay's single "Hard Youth, Hardly You" is the track you need.  It finishes in a completely different style than where it started, and it'll have you singing "woaaahh wOOoaaAaahh" throughout the day (but in a good way, I promise).  It's also the title track of a great EP, available for "name your own price" on BandCamp.  In addition to that, W.C. Lindsay also has a new EP, titled Tree, available for a free download on that same page. The opening track on that, "Into The Night," will also have you singing along for who knows how long.  While remaining individual and distinct from one another, each of W.C. Lindsay's tracks have a certain warmth about them that is bound to make virtually any listener smile.  There are acoustic versions of tracks that have a completely different sound than the original recordings, but still radiate a feeling that is entirely W.C. Lindsay, and that's why these songs are more than worth looking into.  There are electro pop tracks as well as smooth soft jams, and plenty of "la la la's" to suit your fancy.  This self-proclaimed dance-punk act is more than worth a listen.


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