Monday, December 30, 2013

The Family Breakfast: Top 10 Jam Cakes of 2013

>> 2013! We did it! Dora Style! A grip of awesome music came out this year, and it was a pretty interesting year for the holy trilogy of emo - a painful year for us My Chemical Romance fans (RIP) and a shining beacon of hope for the True Believers - you got two for the price of one with Fall Out Boy's return (and a pretty solid Panic! album to boot.)

Instead of your typical 'Top 10 Albums' for the end of the year wrap up, I wanted to make it easy on you guys and just give you the top 10 Jam Cakes that fueled The Family Breakfast. (This is essentially a playlist of songs I had on repeat all year) So sit back, relax, and enjoy these tasty jams as you contemplate your utter failures successes as a human being for this insane year of 2013.

>> Super Croc vs Mega Doosh - Reggie and the Full Effect 

Yes, we all miss MCR. This song helps you cope with those emotions - James Dewees (former keyboardist of chem) released another Reggie album this year, fueled by Kickstarter. Frank Iero, (former guitarist of chem) joins Dewees on the song with backing vocals for a real badass gut-wrencher. I had this song on repeat for straight weeks. 

>> Come a Little Closer - Cage the Elephant

 "Time flies by, they all sing along" Soft, mellow build to an epic finish. 

>> Ala Mode - Mindless Self Indulgence 

This musical gem taught us one thing and one thing only - What's gonna fix it? ICE CREAM WILL FIX IT. I want sprinkles on that shit.

>> Subway - Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
This song is awesome because it samples MTA Subway track sounds - which all New Yorkers are overly familiar with. Haunting ballad of the year award - this jam hits close to home if you've ever had a traumatic experience on the train. 

>> Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) - Limp Bizkit 

Because fuck you, that's why. No, but seriously, why did we all stop listening to this song?! I had this song in rotation all 2013, and it may have been the best choice I made all year. In the words of a former co-worker of mine - "Here's $5, do yourself a favor - go to Walmart, buy yourself a Limp Bizkit CD and get yourself some skill." 

>> Surrender The Night - My Chemical Romance 

The final release from the unreleased My Chemical Romance record "Conventional Weapons" before they called it quits. Considering the album itself was incomplete, this song is pretty epic. It kinda makes you want to smash some windshields at night in Warriors gear while singing passionately. Or something.

>> Peter Fonda - The Architects 

Put on your boots and get in your Trans Am for this tasty jam - break out the accompanying comic book while you're at it! "I was made for these boots if you know what I mean.." Play it LOUD.

>> Laughing Pain - Toy Soldiers 

A folksy deep cut for the end of the year from our friends Toy Soldiers. I laughed, I cried, I called the jambulance. 

>> All Time Low - Nine Inch Nails  

Trent Reznor has done it again with arguably the sexiest jam of 2013. "So give me just a little baby, just something to get by..." 

>> Casual Affair - Panic! At the Disco   

I debated between a few songs from "Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die!" but this is the song I jammed the most. A smooth, electronic seduction from Mr. Brendon Urie makes you want to have a few secrets. 

>> Bones - MS MR  
A perfect song for the witchy theme a lot of us had going this year. Cast some spells or do a little dance (make a little love, get down tonight.)  
>> Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

Do I Wanna Know? swoops in last minute for jam of the year - I cannot. get. enough. of. this. song. The Monkeys of the Arctic hit the "I have a crush on you" emotion like a hammer on the head of a nail. Play this one on New Year's Eve and steal a smooch from your "are we/aren't we." It'll work, trust me. 

>> There you have it, folks. I tried to narrow it down to the top 10, but I snuck a few more in there. There were some tough choices, but these are the songs that made the final cut. These are grade A 2013 jam cakes with extra jam sauce that I was trying to eat but I choked a little and I had to call the jambulance. Enjoy responsibly. Happy New Year, breakfast eaters. 

Peace, Love and Family Breakfast. 
Yours cruelly,

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