Thursday, December 12, 2013

Music Video: "Cold Water" by TATI ANA

>> Cold water is a shockingly powerful thing.  It has the ability to take your breath away, give you chills down your spine, or both at the same time.  Take that one step further as you watch the brand new music video from sultry singer/songwriter TATI ANA.  This Moscow native has a deep, strong voice that will warm you up, even when she sings of cold.  The song "Cold Water" is full of personal themes that will draw you in with its almost hypnotic feel.  The video does something even cooler with the use of hands in the place of waves, further portraying the feeling of something you just can't shake. It reflects the feeling of something unexpected washing over you and leaving you with a deep sense of cold and loss that you can't escape.  The song itself has a dark and sinister tone, and the chorus exudes raw power.  This track and video are not to be missed, especially if you're looking for music with substance.  Watch TATI ANA's video for "Cold Water" below.

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