Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Everly, To Be Juliet's Secret, Holiday Parade

>>Number one on my list of bands is Everly, and they're number one for a reason. They've got such an energetic sound that makes you listen, and keeps your attention. My personal favorite song is "She Walks By", which is a free download on their page! Hooray :] Not only does it sound amazing, but the lyrics are relate-able. Here's a sample :: "Y'all looked up at me surprised by my action, yes im dying inside but you’ll never know; the moment i walked by
and turned around the corner, i fell to the ground, and let my eyes burn; to move on, i have to stay strong.."[ They're from Texas, which explains the 'y'all' in the lyrics ] "Seconds From Falling" is a close second in my book. It's insanely good, and you can't help but get into it. They've got a genuine passion for the music, whether it's writing it or performing it. && They love talking to fans [ SCORE ! ] They're incredibly talented, and if you don't look them up right now you're missing out.

>>Looking for a band with a soft && smooth sound accompanied by the diversity of a guy && a girl singer ? Well, that's convenient. Sounds like To Be Juliet's Secret is sort of exactly what you've been searching for. They've got a sweet appeal and a mellow vibe, making them perfect if you need something to listen to on a calm day, or if you need stress relief - musical style. A great song for that is "All Angel No Wings". It's pretty chill, but it's not boring at all. It has some sort of appeal, as if you can't help but keep listening once you've started. It's pretty much like that for all of their songs. My favorite is "Hello Love Goodbye". Lyrically, this might be the song I connect with the most of all the ones I've mentioned in this post. You'll probably feel the same, once you read a bit :: "My pen could only write your name, you were filling every page, so fast. then we fell and died away, its not supposed to be this way; i'm so far from okay, if its all the same then its just you that's okay." My favorite lyrics of the song are "My pen could only write your name, you were filling every page." and "my lips could only say your name you were filling every phrase." Song-wise, also check out "Heart Filled Lines". TBJS has something so sincere about their lyrics, and their music, that you can't resist connecting with them. So look them up, tell them how much you love their music now, and maybe that you heard about them here.
tbjs loves you!

>> I love Holiday Parade, and you should too. They're crazy good, with a sound that makes you smile. Their new demo [ "Gone", now on their page ] is quite adorable, and very smile-making. (( That made sense, I swear :] )) Doubtful? Just check their lyrics! :: "I'm ready to forget, I'm feeling hopeful yet; I'm moving towards our happy ending still, here's to a second chance; to love without regret, to living in the here and now" you're gone." If that's not adorable, I don't know what is; and that's just based on the lyrics! Go listen to that song, and "Never Enough" because it's just as great, yet somehow better. It's more upbeat with lyrics that are easy to relate to.. "My Philosophy" is incredible as well. Oh, and they even left me a comment telling me that they were coming to New York [ where I'm located ] 2 days before, just to let me know and because I'd asked them to :] They're so great, I could ramble on about them for hours .. but you probably wouldn't want to read that .. so I guess I'll basically tell you to go check them out and prepare to fall in love 

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