Friday, August 15, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Jaded Son

>>Remember Jaded Son from a few posts back? Then you probably recall how amazing I said they were. Well, multiply that by about 2405872035 & you're still not even close :] I kept in contact with the guys, talking about random stuff for a while. One day, they sent me a message saying that they were going to let me hear some of their new stuff before it comes out, in addition to some of their other songs :] Score.

>>They sent me two burned CDs: one being an Acoustic Mixtape, with all songs recorded between '02 and '07; and the other being a sampler of their new CD to be titled .. well maybe I shouldn't say that much yet .. I don't exactly have a sense of my limit on what I can mention with this, but whatevs :] Anyway, they're both amazing.

>>The acoustic one has 10 tracks, and I can tell the older ones were the later tracks. Know how I usually say a band has that 'rough sound' typical to an unsigned band? Earlier on, Jaded Son was pretty rough, but not in an unpleasant way. Since the songs seemingly went in chronological order, but with the newer ones first, I reversed the order on my iTunes so that as I listened to the songs, I could see how they 'developed' [ how their sound changed ]. Usually with a band, I'll like their older stuff more, but I think Jaded Son has only improved with time. My favorite acoustic tracks are probably "You Look Good in a Tracksuit", "Still Awake", and "All Night". Oh, and "Still Awake" is also on the other CD, but it's the non-acoustic version .. I think it's really cool hearing a song normally, but then stripped down too. Check their MySpace; I think they still have the acoustic version up on their music player :] :]

>> The second CD, which was the sampler of their new stuff, is crazy good too. It has songs like "Affinity" , "Lies", and "Orange Afternoon", which you'll recognize from their MySpace page, because I know you checked :] "Affinity" has an acoustic sound as well, but there's something 'stepped up' about it that makes it better than the others, and by far my favorite ( with "Still Awake" a close second, regularly and acoustically ). The vocals are freakin sweet [ way to be, Josh ] , as is the song in general. I won't talk about "Orange Afternoon", because you can just go listen for yourselves, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it already .. "Lies" reminds me a bit of "OA", but they gave it that far - away sounding effect that makes it really cool to listen to. I might just be describing it wrong, but it's awesome. I swear.

>>So not only did they go out of their way to send me the CDs, but they signed them & everything. There's a list of the tracks in order, the name of their new CD [ that I got the sampler of ], and they sent me messages to make sure I got them on time. If that doesn't show how simply amazing these guys are, then I don't know what will. Check them out, and let them know you heard about them from me :] They deserve all the recognition in the world, && hopefully they'll get a lot of that soon **At first they told me to keep it on the down low, but now they're spreading the word! The guys are going to be playing live on Radio 1045 [out of Philadelphia] at 5pm on September 5. :] If, like me, you don't get the station, no worries! Check em out live at the Radio Station's page [ Just click it above ; I added the link ]. Bands such as Panic At The Disco, The Bravery, my friends The Goodnight Anthem, Death Cab for Cutie, and my buds LUDO also performed on that station. Crazy, right? [Click on the band's name to see more of their performance.] It just shows how good they are; it's not everyday a band is included in such a company as that. But, as I've said, they deserve nothing less. Remember to watch them live!
[ Click the pic for the station's main page ]!

Good luck guys, thanks again, and stay incredible.

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