Saturday, August 30, 2008

Name Dropping 101: Honor Society, Capital Lights, and more

>>Before I say anything else, let's just get it out there that To Be Juliet's Secret has a new song up on their page, called "Darling Can't You See You're My Tragedy". It's really good, and kind of different than their other songs, especially concerning the vocals. The band has only improved, naturally.

>>So, this band Honor Society is pretty chill. I wasn't when I was trying to listen to their stuff but the stupid laptop I was using decided not to give me internet access. Joy. But now I'm home, & using my functioning - desktop :] Even though the band has but three songs on their page, you can tell even from the first one [ "See U In The Dark" ] that they've got talent. Their lyrics are adorable ;; here's a look from that song::
Maybe if you were someone else, It wouldn’t have to feel like this; I’m wondering how you feel about me now; Or was this just a friendly kiss, Cause I’m really seeing you for the first time.."I can't help but listen to "Why Didn't I", partly because I like the mellow vibe, and partly because it reminds me of N*SYNC songs like "Gone" & such. Yeah, I just made an N*SYNC reference. I'm just as surprised :] "The Takeover" also has that sort of sound, but it has a unique kick that sets it apart. Check them out, & tell them [ & me ! ] what you think.

>> I love me some Capital Lights. "Worth As Much As A Counterfeit" && "Out Of Control", but I love all four with a burning passion :] "Outrage" has amazing lyrics that I can't get out of my head, including phrases like "I'll leave you raining on your own parade." [ I'd type the rest, but I don't want to mess them up. ] Just to mention it, I'm obsessed with Bryson's voice; it's amazingg . "Mile Away" is simply adorable, & I love listening to it. It cheers me up, but it also seems like it would be one of those songs in a movie during a sadness-turned-joy scene .. if that makes sense at all to anyone but me. Want to understand what I'm trying to say? Go Listen to their amazingness ! Oh, & they're going to be in NY on three dates early this fall : Sept. 28 in Buffalo, Sept. 30 in Poughkeepsie, & Oct. 1 in Rockville Center, and they'll be back around early November for a show or two. Not a New Yorker? Go to their MySpace & check out their dates :] If you've liked any of the bands I've talked about so far, I'm sure you'll love Capital Lights .. but probably not as much as I do, simply because I doubt it's possible ;]

>>Linden is a band I pretty much became obsessed with the first time I heard them. I love Kara's voice, and her hair! She reminds me a lot of Kelly from Saved By The Bell. In their song "Attached", she sounds like Sheryl Crow in "Soak Up The Sun" at the chorus. It's probably my favorite song by them. I also love "Shout Out." Since they're from Wisconsin, they mostly play there. BUT they're coming to Rochester, NY on Oct. 12. Check their page for other dates, places, & times :] Once you hear them, trust me; you're going to want to see them live. I wish I could soon !

*>>My favorite people in Ludo has posted a new video in The Ludo Video Thing, it's Episode #22. It's also pretty fun to watch. Speaking of watching, you should definately check out all of the episodes. I'm pretty sure #15 is the "Love Me Dead" video. Get to it !

**>>Oh, & check out The Life I Lead. They've only got two songs on their page, but they're both really good :]

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