Saturday, December 6, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Part 15

It's really convenient when they find me.

>>I've fallen reeeaaallllyy behind on going through my friend requests on MySpace, and not to sound like one of 'those kids', but I get a lot everyday. So I figured I'd go through them now, and I might as well write about the good bands I find before I forget. I'll be writing about them the first time I'll be hearing them, so let's see how this goes.

>>Awestruck was the only band online on my first page of requests, so I clicked on them first. I got a little nervous with the first song, "The Katun Can Can", but only because I wasn't sure if there were words. The vocals in any song are very important to me, as are the lyrics. So even if a band has an amazing sound instrumentally, weak vocals can easily ruin them for me. This, however, wasn't the case with Awestruck; they just had the music play for a while before they started with the words. It's a really good song, and I was glad I didn't just change it due to my short attention span. I can easily say "Scargazing" is one of my favorites by them, now that I've played through each of their songs at least once. This one is slightly reminiscent of Armor for Sleep, at least st the chorus. "El Terrible" almost reminds me of Taking Back Sunday, mixed with a hint of Senses Fail? Something good like that. [Speaking of TBS - Senses Fail combo, check out the song "I Know What You Buried Last Summer" by The Legion of Doom. It's "You're So Last Summer" by TBS mixed with "Buried A Lie" by SF. It's incredible, as you can guess.] Anyway, I'm quite glad they found me because I love their stuff. Check them out for yourselves, and let me know what you think of my comparisons.

>>Remember Ellington?  Well, they're promoting an East Coast Tour. I saw that, and I got all excited, thinking if they were playing the east coast, they'd definately play New York somewhere. I thought this simply because I live in America. I go to their page to check their Tour Dates, and- when they said East Coast, they meant the East Coast of Australia. I also got suspicious when I looked at the poster, and the dates were in November & December, and yet it was called the Summer Love Tour. Jokes on me, I guess. If you feel like going to Australia, or know someone there, or live there, or whatever the case may be, here's the poster with all the dates on it. Or, you can just check their MySpace. 
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>>Through a random, non-band add, I found FOHLSTON on their top friends, and they sounded familiar for some reason. So I clicked to see if the music would jog my memory. It's upbeat, and really cute music. I'm loving "Let's Get Out of Here" the most right now. Seriously though, check the lyrics:
Let's get out of here, run away. Live all night and sleep all day. Put it behind (you), those memories are fading...
I don't know what to say, my words slowly slip away. We're falling fast! Don't look back!
We made it!
Like I said before, the lyrics and such are very important to me, and I absolutely love these. Also listen to the songs "Every Story Must End" & "Kite Flyin". *The lyrics are posted on his blog, the post with the title of "LYRICS!!!".

>>I've been listening to Brighten a lot lately, because they're the bomb. I just realized that they've been on that "I Need to Mention You!" band list forever, and that I STILL haven't finished reviewing all of those bands .. but whatever. I'm overly obsessed with "Carolina" & "Easy To Fall In Love", aka my absolute favorite of them all. I seriously love all of their songs; each and every one. With a band, I'll usually like some of the songs, love a few, and some of them are okay. But lately, I've been finding bands like Brighten that I fall absolutely head-over-heels in love with all of their songs. Among these bands are A Rocket To The Moon (Of course), Mercy Mercedes, and The Cab. The song "Treasure Island" is listed last on Brighten's music player, and I think it's the most different compared to the rest. Some of their other songs include "Love On My Mind", "Single Millionares", and "Love Me Honestly". I honestly can't explain how much I love these guys. Maybe it'll help if I mention they're like best friends with my loves in A Rocket To The Moon? They all modeled the Snakes & Suits merch together :D They're so adorable!, but also incredibly talented. I will meet &/or see Brighten live one day... Scratch that; The 'or' need not apply. I'm determined.

This merch guy I met at the A Cursive Memory concert [aka Emilio] has tour dates and such on his MySpace. One of them is Bamboozle on Sunday May 3rd. This is what it says:

May 3 THE BAMBOOZLE East Rutheford, NJ***
So I'm guessing that FNB & ATL are playing on Sunday, even though it hasn't officially been announced yet? I LOVE CHEATING THE SYSTEM :D
Here's the list of artists posted on the Bamboozle site.

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