Thursday, December 25, 2008

Free Music ; Part 1

>>I'm checking to see if I've got any messages er whatever on MySpace (as always), and I see a bulletin from Sederra titled "A Gift From Sederra To You". So I'm thinking: awesome, it's probably some free downloads. I was right :] Just click download on the widget below, assuming it shows up the way I want it to, and you're set. Just so you know, a bunch of bands are doing stuff like this on MySpace. Well, not all of them went all out & got a widget, but they have free downloads on their page. City Like Drive has this 'split album' sort of thing going on. It's like a 2-part CD called The Sun & The Moon. Here's the link to the blog post where Scott (CLD) describes this project. Or click here for The Sun, or here for The Moon. [The songs pretty much all have a rough sound, in case you were wondering]
Check those out, but first enjoy Sederra.


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