Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seen It Live: 12/18/08

That concert was hands down the most EPIC concert & night of my life.
There truly aren't words to do it justice.
Ahh hell, I'll try anyway.

>>They played IN THIS ORDER:
Sparks The Rescue, The Friday Night Boys, Hey Monday, The Audition, ALL TIME LOW

>>I didn't know Sparks The Rescue, and I never got the chance to look them up before the concert. So I was expecting some 'okay' band that was playing simply to make the concert longer or something. Turns out, they're reeaallllyy good. I haven't figured out which song they're playing in the video I uploaded, so if you get to it before I do let me know. Actually, I don't remember which songs they played .. because I don't know them too well still. I do know they played "I Swear That She's The One", and that I'm in love with "Shipwreck", OH & they started off the concert with "My Heart Radio". Seriously, go listen to that song, & you'll immediately see how they guaranteed the night was going to be absolutely incredible just by starting with that first line. Also, I'm pretty sure they played "Hello Mexico", since they were saying how jealous they were of those who've been to Mexico .. yeah it made sense then,I promise :] They were a lot of fun. Go look them up & watch the video I so conveniently put up.

>>The Friday Night Boys came next. I'd heard "Celebrity Life" & "Chasing A Rock Star" before, but I wasn't really that familiar with the band at the time. Just so you know, those songs plus "That's What She Said" are on their MySpace page. They were so much fun. & Just so you can dream of some day being me, I met Andrew, aka the lead singer. Check this:

Yeah, that's legit. He told me to buy their EP (Called "That's What She Said"; available on iTunes for $3.99!), and let me tell you, it was probably one of the best decisions I've made lately (concerning music, anyway). It's great, and I only stopped listening to it so that I could hear The Audition, but we'll get to that later. I'm loving "High School" by The Friday Night Boys right now, just to put it out there :] Seriously though, I'm in love with Andrew's voice. There's just something about it, I don't really know how to explain it, but it just draws me in every time. Ahh just go listen to them & see for yourself!

>>Hey Monday

>>I was really, really, REALLY looking forward to seeing The Audition, and I was anything but dissappointed. I got mad chills from the performance, no joke. My favorite songs by them, in order, are "Hell To Sell" , Make It Rain", & "Warm Me Up"; all of which were played amazingly. I'm pretty sure I got all three on video, too. SCORE.


*Yet Again, I've lost my ability to focus on the task at hand, probably because I'm still hyped up from the concert, even though it was a solid 2 days ago.

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