Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Part 17

>>I found a way to download several All Time Low songs in their acoustic forms. I love my life. If you've never heard them acoustically, you're missing out. They have such an amazing sound, and I'm IN LOVE with Alex's voice. Now, I acknowledge the fact that I say I'm 'in love' with several voices, but Alex's is different. Honestly, if you've ever heard an All Time Low song, you'll understand. I tend to exaggerate, or not have another way to phrase my thoughts, so it probably seems like I'm just as fond of every band I talk about, which is far from the truth. 

>>Since I've clearly still got All Time Low on my mind, you'll be pleased to know that my boys have been named Alternative Press's Band of the Year for 2008. Congrats loves. You've more than earned it.

All Time Low are voted AP's "Band Of The Year" ( exclusive) from Alternative Press on Vimeo.

>>You know how I've been wanting Do You Feel, aka the latest CD from The Rocket Summer? Well, rather than waiting for Christmas, I got it for myself, and I'm addicted. There are some CDs where you like most of the songs, but then there are some you kind of wish you'd never heard.. and if you actually still buy CDs like I do, you'll know what I'm talking about. This one, however, is one of those CDs where every time a new track starts, you fall in love with the artist all over again. Similar effects have been experienced with Underdog Alma Mater - Forever The Sickest Kids, So Wrong, It's Right - All Time Low, Greetings From... EP & Summer 07 EP from A Rocket To The Moon, and more that I don't feel like naming at the moment. So check out those CDs, because they're amazing.

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