Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why Cove was really kicked out of Saosin

>> As a response to this video, Justin Shekoski of Saosin recently posted this message regarding why former vocalist Cove Reber was kicked out of the group:
Hahaha, hey guys in the video, you are morons.

We kicked cove out of the band because his stage performance and vocal performances were on a downward spiral.

We didn't feel he could represent the Music that we have recorded well on stage.

We are not on a record label! Virgin (since that's the label we were on) didnt have anything to do with the firing, they dropped us before it all went down.

We didn't kick him out because he has long hair or because he doesn't look like us haha, I have long hair as well.

And the part about cove being "clean"? This must be a joke. He was the only member of Saosin that smokes cigarettes, religiously. if that's not mind altering enough for you mormons, I have smoked the devils Lettace (weed) with him tons of times. oh, Drinking with cove is also fun I must say. I hope none of you judge him for it because it's his life. Free will. I'm saying this because everyone has their vises and coves not exempt from that list. Either way you can smoke as much as you want for all I care, just as long as your voice sounds great. the problem is that smoking for him is like me warming up for a show by hitting a brick wall with my bare hands.

Listen, all I'm saying is that if you do actually know cove or the situation, than either you are delusional or you are straight up lying to anyone dumb enough to go on YouTube and actually think you know what you are talking about.

Just try to keep it real.

Party on Garth,


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