Monday, April 25, 2011

RIP The Scenic

>> It's official - The Scenic have broken up. Rumors started after a tweet from Cody Payne (The Dangerous Summer), but the split has now been confirmed through a statement on Jay Tagg's Tumblr. You can read the statement below, or by clicking here.
I’m posting this for Frank. It’s his statement for the ending of the Scenic. Facebook wouldn’t let me post it directly to the wall:
I’ve been dreading writing this for a few days now and honestly as i’m writing it, i’m feeling pretty upset and a little lost. I also dont want to write a generic goodbye that has been done a million times. There are a million people and bands i could list to say thank you to but all of you already know who you are. I’ve given 5 years of my life to this band and i’m not going to lie my heart is a little broken. I’m going to miss all of the great friends i have made across the country and most of all i’m going to miss playing music with my friends. It makes me sad thinking about all the wonderful people i could have met in the future. To the kids/fans i thank you from the bottom of my heart. I realized something in this band, the day of rockstars are over. You kids that come out to shows and support bands are just as important and equally as dedicated to music as the people on stage. Without you there is no music scene and i hope you all realize how important you really are. You are the real rockstars. Please, i’m begging for you to support honest genuine music. Music is about passion and expression (no matter the genre) dont get caught up in the bullshit of the industry. If you love a band, please go out and support them whether it is cool to like them or not. Find something that inspires you and and you are passionate about and go for it. That is what The scenic was all about for me. I am so grateful that I was able to do something i loved for 5 years. I owe all those great experiences to you. I love all of you and i’m going to miss you more than you will know.

-From a heart broken dreamer
Frank and the Scenic

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