Friday, April 29, 2011

News from Giants At Large

>> Giants At Large have announced a couple of things recently. Travis McGee left the band, and the remaining members are in need of money to pay for a new van. On the bright side, Giants At Large will be releasing a split EP with Major League in the near future. You can read the band's full announcement below, or by clicking here.
If anyone has seen us on tour this past week, or has seen pictures from any of the shows you’ll notice that Travis hasn’t been there. That is because after our Long Island show on the 15th Travis quit the band. To make a long story short he just didn’t want to do it anymore, and I know I say this a lot, but being in a band at times can be tough. Believe it or not, it actually costs money to be in Giants At Large. So for now we’re playing just the 4 of us until we find the right person.
In other news, it’s looking like we’ll be needing a new van in the near future. Last night our van started making this terrible noise, lucky for us we were about 2 minutes from our friends house. We got it checked out this morning and they told us were gonna need a new engine, which is probably gonna be really expensive, and probably something we can’t afford. But were gonna get a second opinion and a price on it tomorrow morning, but it’s looking like were gonna have to junk the van, get whatever money we can for it, then use that to U-haul ourselves back home, again.. Kind of ironic how we wrote Atlantic Beach about this very similar situation we ran into in Florida, and we mentioned Newport News, Virginia in that song, and that’s where our van broke down last night. The only difference this time is that WE ARE NOT BREAKING UP.
Although all of this bad stuff has been happening to us, were going to finish writing our acoustic Ep then record it as soon as it’s done. Then we’re also planning on releasing a spilt Ep with Major League in the near future.
If you can, and don’t have our Ep The Best Has Yet To Come, please help us out and pick it up at or on I-tunes, any money we get will go into buying a new van.
I just want to thank all the incredible friends we have for the kind words and trying to help us get through all of this. We’ll figure something out.
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