Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Circa Survive Release Hurricane Sandy Benefit EP

>> Circa Survive released a five-song EP on their bandcamp page. The band is accepting donations of $4 or more for the EP, and all of the proceeds will go towards the American Red Cross relief efforts.  The five songs on the EP and a statement from the band can be seen below.

Track listing:
  1. Circa Survive - "Battle, My Love"
  2. Psychic Babble - "Baby Steps"
  3. Anthony Green - "When I'm On Pills" (Stephen Clifford remix featuring Chris Weyh)
  4. Anthony Green - "Get Yours While You Can" (Psychic Babble Remix)
  5. Brendan Ekstrom - "April"

A statement from the band:
"So many of our friends and families were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, we felt we needed to do something to help out. Starting today you can pay-what-you-want & download an exclusive 5-song EP on Bandcamp with previously unreleased b-sides from Circa Survive and Psychic Babble (Colin's solo project), plus remixes of Anthony's solo songs "When I'm On Pills" (Stephen Clifford remix ft. Chris Weyh) and "Get Yours While You Can" (Psychic Babble remix), and an instrumental song by Brendan ... It's all in the family.
We have set the price for the 5 song EP at a minimum of $4 or you can purchase any of the songs individually for a minimum of $1. Since this is a 100% charity item we encourage you to be as generous as possible when deciding what to pay. Thank you in advance for your gigantic hearts.
All proceeds from this will benefit The American Red Cross relief effort in the Northeast.
Infinite Love,
Circa Survive

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