Thursday, November 15, 2012

Punchline Stream Remix of "Universe"; Release 'So Nice To Meet You' on Vinyl

>> Punchline released their "So Nice To Meet You" EP earlier this year.  What's new is the fact that the EP is now available on vinyl through Paper + Plastick Records.  Your purchase not only gets you a cool red or blue record, but it also comes with a digital download of a 5-song EP called the "Introduction To The History Of Punchline."

>> This new sampler includes a song from each of Punchline's previous releases so that new fans can see what the band has done leading up to "So Nice To Meet You."  The people at Paper + Plastick are so excited about this sampler that they're offering it up as a free download from their web store.  So new fans can see what Punchline is all about before they get the new vinyl, and everyone can get the sampler with their purchase as well.  It's a win for everyone.

'Introduction To The History Of Punchline' Track listing:
  1. Play (from The Rewind EP) 
  2. Heart Transplant (from Action)
  3. Flashlight (from 37 Everywhere)
  4. Ghostie (from Just Say Yes)
  5. 21 Forever (from Delightfully Pleased)

>>  In order to celebrate the release of "So Nice To Meet You" on vinyl, Punchline is streaming a remix of their song "Universe."   The remix, done by John O'Hallaron, can be heard exclusively on Alternative Press.

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