Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Finds - 11/22/13

>> Throughout the week, we at The Music Obsession get pitches for several excellent artists.  Due to prior commitments (work, school, the need for at least a little sleep every once in a while), it's hard to write about all of the music that comes our way.  Whether it's an up and coming act or a veteran in the scene who's putting out something new, we get it all, and we listen to as much as we can.  So for this Friday Finds feature, we will be highlighting some tracks we've come across during the week that we haven't been able to write about in full.  Expect new songs and the occasional "oh man remember THIS song? I totally just remembered this existed!"

> Decorator - "Mad Cali Transit" & "Roads"
The new alternative / indie rock act Decorator caught my attention recently.  Their debut single, "Mad Cali Transit," comprises the best parts of groove rock, indie pop, and California sunshine.  It's catchy in a way that makes you sway and picture a beach, whether or not it's freezing outside.  It's smooth and just the right amount of hip, a winning combination you don't find just anywhere these days.  Take a break from your pre-winter blues and enjoy a nice warm track from five boys from the golden state.  Listen to "Mad Cali Transit" below, and scope the band's forthcoming single "Roads" below that.

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- Kate Russell

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