Monday, November 25, 2013

James Franco and Seth Rogen Parody Kanye's "Bound 2" Video

>> Having (finally) just watched that movie This Is The End, I was in need of some more hilarity, preferably the kind that features James Franco and Seth Rogen.  Today, that need was fulfilled.

>> In case you missed it, Kanye West recently premiered his new music video for his song "Bound 2" on the Ellen Degeneres show of all places.  The video features some majestic horses, stunning views of nature, and Kanye riding a motorcycle while his soon-to-be wife, Kim, lays there naked.  Deep stuff, you guys.  So, if somehow you haven't seen this masterpiece yet, do yourself a favor and see this first.

Kanye West - Bound 2 video 

>> Earlier today, a new version of this video surfaced.  Apparently, James Franco and Seth Rogen took it upon themselves to create a shot-by-shot remake of the new Kanye video which they call "Bound 3." If you liked This Is The End or, perhaps, any parody of someone who thinks very well of himself, this completely and absolutely serious video is for you.  You can view the parody video by itself here.

Seth Rogen and James Franco - Bound 3 (a parody)

>> Are you ready for this? Now that you've had your chuckles, let's take this a step further - YouTube user Ahnmin put the two videos together, side by side.  This is cinematic perfection*.  So, if you're ready to laugh, or roll your eyes, or react somehow because you're human, watch the split screen action below.

* - blatant exaggeration (sorry not sorry)

I hope you laughed.

- Kate Russell

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