Sunday, November 3, 2013

podSessions at CMJ featuring NGHBRS

>> What usually comes to mind when you think of home? For The Music Obsession, home is where the music is. For some people, that may mean venues from the Vibe Lounge to Madison Square Garden. For others, maybe it’s an old guitar or a dusty drum kit. For us at podSessions, it's our friendly NGHBRhood... NGHBRS.

>> Though I just recently delved into their work, I felt an immediate connection with this band when I got the chance to sit down with them for a few minutes at the CMJ Festival. With all of them no more than 15 minutes from my house and making their tunes in my humble hometown of Hicksville, we had no shortage of conversation.

>> I'll admit: I felt a little intimidated as they stepped out from their interview with Fuse (that's right, as in the major television network). It was at that point I remembered these guys were covered by the Wall Street Journal. Here I am, one episode deep into a podcast, and I'm going to interview these guys? At that point, I had a mini-crisis and realized that all the questions had probably already been asked. But Fuse, the Wall Street Journal, Wolf Blitzer, Howard Stern, and any other media official might not have one thing that I do:

>> The guys in NGHBRS, like Billy Joel, are from my own backyard - climbing their way to the top and never compromising their attitudes in the process.

Written by JP Catalanotto of podSessions

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