Monday, September 1, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Part 8

Well, I'm awake earlier than usual.

>>So I was checking my new MySpace comments just now, & I had one from this band, Aurora Falls. I remembered adding them but I forgot how they sounded. [ Lately, I've gotten into the habit of just adding every band that requests me without looking at them first. I know, that's not good. So i wasn't sure if I had checked them out beforehand. ] So I looked at their page, gave them a listen, and remembered I added them because they're quite good. The first song on their page, "Next Time You Breathe In Make...", reminds me a lot of Taking Back Sunday - meets - Chiodos. Turns out, TBS is the number one on their top friends. Cool, huh? THey've also got four free downloads up, my favorite of them being "Three's Company". They've got a great sound that I believe is worth looking into. Get to it.

>>Remember Ellington I talked about a while ago? Well, they're doing this whole 'New songs in September' thing, which I've been waiting for for seemingly an eternity. Nevertheless, I was far from dissappointed. They added "Between Faith And The City Lights" and "In A Lonely Place". Both songs, along with "Wide Awake And Smiling" are going to be on their new EP entitled More Like A Movie, Less Like Real Life. They have the lyrics for all of the songs on the EP posted on the blog on their MySpace. I've mentioned before how much I love their lyrics, so when they posted that I definately died a bit :] I can't wait to somehow get my hands on it! [They are from Australia, mind you.] Trust me, if you like genuine lyrics with a sweet sound that makes you want to listen, you'll want it too. Go tell them how much you love them, & that I showed them to you !

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