Thursday, September 4, 2008

Name Dropping 101 ; Kill Your Ex

It's not so much a piece of advice as it is the name of a band.

>>New messages? Score. I opened my inbox, and up pops a message from some Joey character with a guitar in his profile pic. Hmm, why not see what it says? Turns out, he's in this band called Kill Your Ex. In his message, he told me that their CD, From Words To Motion, was available at FYE & Sam GoodyI did listen to the CD at the FYE in the mall there [ Because FYE is so wicked, there are 'price check' scanners that actually let you listen to the CD right there in the store. Convenient, eh? ] They're amazing & I bought the LAST COPY of the CD in the store :] Jealous? I think so. I'm obsessed with the first song on the CD & their MySpace, aka "Hades And Demeter". That song, as well as the second off the disc [ "Fetch Todo Fetch" ]
have a different sort of sound to them, especially with the way they begin. The band itself has a sort of edgy - punk vibe that I absolutely love. "The Divide" & "Nine Point Eight" are also really good songs that you should look into. Actually, you should look into the band .. & their CD. Get to it.

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