Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Album Review: "Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With" by Sparks The Rescue

>> Sparks The Rescue will be releasing their new album, Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With, on May 10, 2011 through Fearless Records. The band has combined styles used on past songs as well as new inspiration for this album. Long-time fans of the band will be glad to hear another fantastic album, and new fans will have something to get hooked on.
For fans of: All Time Low, You Me and Everyone We Know

>> Sparks has mastered the art of making songs whose meanings don't always match their sounds. The album starts out with "Saturday Skin," a song that sounds like a standard upbeat pop rock song. If you listen closely, you'll realize this is not the case. It's about having a 'good time', making mistakes, and regretting the whole thing once it's over. It transitions nicely into "She's A Bitch, and I'm A Fool," which you can listen to here. This one has more of a rock vibe, full of guitar riffs and harmonies. It addresses that terrible feeling one gets upon realizing their relationship meant more to them than it did to their significant other, something many people can relate to. The lyrics match the sound for "The Weirdest Way," which can be heard here. This song describes the aftermath of a relationship's end, and the feeling when the other person is the first to move on. It's less energetic than the previous songs, but it has just as much emotion in every line. "He puts his hands on you the way that I used to. Does it feel the same, just a different name? .... You flipped my world upside down. Has he turned your heart around?" Just by listening to the first three tracks, it becomes clear that this album tells a story.

>> A strong rock song with a dark side, "High and Hazy" reflects the disillusionment and desperation felt by the character of this story. Referencing addiction, lies, and inner demons, this song really shows the intensity of this situation. The title track of the album "Worst Thing I've been Cursed With" is the climax of the emotions that have been building up from track one. You can hear the anguish in the guitars, the hopelessness in the chorus, and the passion all throughout. By this point in the story, these emotions have completely overtaken the character, who readily admits it. "It feels like a heart attack when you go. Loving you is the worst thing I've been cursed with, taking over my head and my verses oh."

>> With lyrics reminiscent of "Riot Girl" by Good Charlotte, "Better Side Of Me" is a fun yet contradictory song. The "little girl" mentioned is described as a terrible influence, but is referred to as the "better side of me." Featuring guest vocals from Spose, this is a song that can easily get stuck in your head for days. "Postcard Of A Tidal Wave" has a lighter pop sound to it while still maintaining that 'rough around the edges' feel.

>> "Vanities" takes the tempo down a few pegs while sweetly reflecting on how complicated things have become in this story. "Holiday" is bright and spirited with a sense of hope. It's a positive song, which contrasts sharply with "60 Minutes of Fame." The character puts it all on the line in this song, simply hoping "for one hour or two, no strings attached."

>> "How To Make A Heart Hollow" is by far the most somber and emotional song on the album. It features guest vocals from Jessica Leplon (Tragic Hero/LAB Records), whose harmonies really make this track stand out. The back and forth between Leplon and Sparks vocalist Alex Roy at the end is hauntingly beautiful; it's almost as if this character is finally confronting that which has plagued him. "Thought You Were The One" brings this story, and the album itself to an end. Undoubtedly referencing 2009's "Swear That She's The One", this one song brings everything full-circle. The tone and tempo flow nicely from the preceding track, but also make for a smooth transition to the first track as well for those who want to listen to this album on repeat.

>> Full of ups and downs, cutting lyrics and catchy songs, Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With is sure to be a crowd-pleaser without trying to be. Sparks The Rescue successfully turned this album into a story where every song is a new chapter. Whether you listen to the album as a whole or a couple of tracks individually, each song is certainly worth hearing.

>> You can pre-order one of the many bundles offered for the album here through MerchNow and SmartPunk.

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