Friday, May 20, 2011

The Static Jacks Sign To Fearless Records

>> It's official - The Static Jacks have joined Fearless Records. A statement from the band regarding the signing and their upcoming debut album can be read below, or by clicking here.
Hello Family, Friends and Fans,
Today is a big day for us.
We are happy to officially announce that our debut album If You're Young will be coming out August 30, 2011. And with that news we can finally share that this will be our first non-independent release as we have joined the Fearless Records family!
If you follow our twitter or website, you know that over the past few months we have been hard at work, recording at Stratosphere Studios in New York with producer Chris Shaw (Weezer, Ted Leo, Public Enemy). This process is one we had been anxiously awaiting since first playing music together in high school. We could not be happier with the album that we created, and cannot wait to share it with you all. This is especially exciting since we'll be releasing If You’re Young through major distribution.
You might be asking yourself, “How do the Static Jacks fit into the Fearless Records family?” The short answer is that Fearless is a punk label that supports original bands (look no further than the early signing of At the Drive-In, or the recent addition of the Aquabats). Fearless cares very deeply about the importance of both touring and a band's exposure around the world. They've allowed us the freedom to continue our operation exactly how we always have. The only difference is that now we have their support to take our music worldwide. This band has not changed. Now you'll just be seeing our album in stores.
We'll have more information on If You're Young shortly…like artwork and track-listing. But for right now, we'll leave you with the track "Girl Parts." It's a duet that features Ceci Gomez (from our great friends Beast Make Bomb) on vocals. Check out the premiere on
Henry, Nick, Ian and Mike
>> You can listen to The Static Jacks's single "Girl Parts" by clicking here. Keep an eye out for the band's debut album, If You're Young, which will be released on August 30, 2011.

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