Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Album Review: Self Titled EP by New County

>> New County will release their new Self Titled EP on July 12th. Based on their previous release, 2010's Lives We Lead, this new EP is definitely something to look forward to.
For fans of: Big Time Rush, The Summer Set, The Cab

>> The EP starts out strong with "Open Up To Me." This song just screams summer - it's fun, upbeat, and a great addition to any party playlist. "She Can't Keep Away" sounds like something you would hear from The Cab. It's catchy, and the vocals are virtually flawless, especially towards the end of the track. The band slows things down a bit with "Go," but this song is far from boring. New County takes this opportunity to embrace the fact that they are a boy band, and in doing so create the most emotionally charged track on the EP. It's somewhat reminiscent of Big Time Rush, but with a kick of something only New County could create.

>> The band begins to pick up the tempo with "It's A Shame" featuring Rebekah White. (You can view the lyric video for the song here.) The piano and female vocals in the beginning of this song help to accent the obvious passion and feeling that went into writing it. The energy picks up almost immediately, making it likely to get stuck in your head. "Same Side" is by far the sweetest song on this EP. Making this song the last track was a wonderful decision because once it's over, you'll want to listen to the whole thing again and again.

>> With this EP, New County successfully redefine the term boy band. They manage to provide everything you could ever want from a pop album while also maintaining a sound that is purely New County. Overall, this EP is something the band should be proud of, and something listeners will want to have on repeat.

>> Can't wait to hear the new songs? No problem! You can stream "Go" and "Open Up To Me" on the band's Purevolume. You can also download "Open Up To Me" for free by signing up for the New County mailing list at NewCountyBand.com. If you're from the Philadelphia, PA area, go to New County's EP release show at the Trocadero on July 9th! You'll receive a free copy of the EP with admission. Click here for more information.

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