Friday, September 5, 2014

The Family Breakfast Does Chicago

>> Breakfast Eaters, TFB is back. Back from a hiatus that rivals that of Blink-182, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance combined, I've returned to bring you the very best in metal, bluegrass, and everything in between if it sits on the jam spectrum. And boy, are we back with a vengeance. 

>> On the way back to the big apple, we've decided to park it for little over a week in Chicago. Ah, Chicago. The drinking town with a sports problem. City of underdogs. Pizza Paradise. The windy hot dog. Where there's always a light on. Birthplace of Cheap Trick. Home of Michael Jordan's Steakhouse. Da bears. You get the idea. 
The first stop on the Breakfast train is...

The Architects

>> Hey guys, we missed you. Remember Border Wars vol. 1? (If you haven't picked up this EP/Comic book triumph by now don't even look at me.) Adam, Brandon, Keenan and Zach are back with Border Wars vol. 2, which is out September 9th and is available to stream with a preview of the comic illustrated by the ever talented Mallory Dorn on Alternative Press. This installment is even more dangerous than the last, and just begs to be played live. We Know We're Lucky, Babe, cause we get to see them play tonight at Reggies celebrating the release of Border Wars vol. 2 alongside Josh Berwanger Band and The Seething Coast. The show starts at nine, and as you know the live Architects show is always worth two in the bush. So don't be the idiot bird getting owned - if you live in Chicago, be there. Be loud. 

next stop...

World Music Festival Chicago 2014 

>> The 16th annual WMF is taking place throughout the city of Chicago September 11-21. The best part is, every WMF show is FREE! This is a chance to really broaden your musical horizons in this multi-venue, multi-borough experience. I'm personally excited to be attending Ragamala: A Celebration of Classical Indian Music which is going to be 12 hours long at the Chicago Cultural Center and features a grip of different classical Indian performers from 9PM to 9AM the next morning. All information including set times and locations for World Music Festival Chicago can be found here.

Last stop...

Riot Fest 2014 
>> That's right folks, it's time for the biggest punk rock smorgasbord of the year featuring a tasty selection of some of TMO's favorite bands. We've got an almost-debut performance from former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frnk Iero &The Cellabration, The Get Up Kids, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Bouncing Souls, The Murder City Devils, Slayer, The Cure, Cheap Trick...the list goes on and on and we here at The Family B-fast get more and more hungry. Hungry for the rock. The festivities, including a full-on carnival and a Pussy Riot panel hosted by Henry Rollins (!) begins Friday, September 12th and Ends Sunday the 14th and is being hosted in Humboldt Park. To create your own custom lineup and for full Riot Fest details go here. 

>> If you find yourself in Chicago, be sure not to miss any of these insane events. They all promise to be "hella coolguy emoji." We'll be keeping our ears open. Stay fresh. See you out there. 

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Peace, Love and Family Breakfast,

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