Friday, September 26, 2014

New Music Video: 'Personal Cross' by Vanna

>>  In today's music scene, there are those that party, those that live straight edge, and those that find a happy balance in between.  Sometimes that happy balance is harder to come by than it seems. This is evident in the new music video from Boston hardcore act Vanna for their song 'Personal Cross'. This is the second video the band has released for their latest album VOID, which I reviewed here. You can check out the new video below.

>> Following  'Digging', the first video released off of VOID, 'Personal Cross' takes a more harsh approach compared to its more melodic predecessor. The video goes between shots of Vanna performing live, laying passed out in the same room, and lead vocalist Davey Muise sprawled out in an open field. The video portrays the song well by showing someone dealing with personal demons and relying on one's self to get through debilitating times. 

>> Muise, in an exclusive with with Loudwire, states that the personal cross helps to "bear the weight of your woes and troubles." He goes on to state that even if you think you are a messed up person in darkness, there is still light inside yourself that only you alone can bring out. 

>> Vanna will be on Beartooth's headline tour this fall along side Sirens & Sailors and Sylar starting on October 3 in Chicago. Tickets can be purchased here, and dates are below: 

- Zach Zima

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